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Latest Arrivals

 Red Pepper Hand-crafted Gin 500ml, 37.5%

Red Pepper Hand-Crafted Gin is positioned as a Gin you try.
Again and again. That you cannot stop drinking and you cannot stop ordering.
We chose Red Pepper for its spice. And it is about the “Perfect Balance”. It must be hot enough to generate warmth - yet subconsciously create a thirst.

The key to this New Zealand Gin is pristine water, Red Pepper.
Only $39.99
 Soul Dark Rum 500ml, 37.5%

DARK SOUL - a Trinidad Rum. Bitter and sweet nose with
notes of salt caramel and toffee, a little chocolate fudge,
espresso beans and vanilla cream. And a hint of pepper.
SOUL is aimed at the new Rum consumer, seeking a look
that matches their lifestyle. A sleek matte black bottle
finished in flashes of a red and bold, crisp white palette.
SOUL’s philosophy is to embrace and celebrate life with
friends, as long as that includes VIP and backstage passes
and invites to the best parties in town.
Only $39.99
 Soul Spiced Rum 500ml, 37.5%

SPICED SOUL - a Caribbean Rum with Vanilla and caramel crème. With nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon, a little clove note, coffee beans and oak.

SPICED SOUL is aimed at the rising spiced rum segment and appears in a bold matte red bottle finished in crisp black and white label-less print.
SOUL’s philosophy is to get your groove on. Looking back to a time when Soul Train and Northern Soul influenced culture.
Only $39.99
 Darknight Black Vodka 700ml, 40%

New Zealand's 1st Black Vodka.

A Jet Black Vodka for cocktail depth and for intense black layering.

DAKNIGHT Black Vodka - with a cool, smooth and silky finish.
A look of bold and daring, this Vodka embraces New Zealand’s
obsession with all things black.

A mixologist’s treat - DARKNIGHT is compulsory for all serious
cocktail bars. And clubs where clients wear any colour,
as long as it’s black. Try Black & Red Bull.
Only $44.99

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